240 Dual Logic Gated EasyRider Compressor

Two Essential Audio Tools for Every Rack

The Model 240 combines technologies of our Logic-Assisted gate and Easyrider® automatic compressor.

The Logic-Assisted Gate provides reliable, accurate, and stable gate operation. The patented design is designed to never false trigger, click or chatter. Once triggered, the gate progresses through its attack, hold and release sequence.

The Model 240 is designed to have both the compressor and the gate work as a seamlessly integrated system. When the Logic-Assisted gate activates, the Easyrider compressor is prevented from releasing. This avoids the conflicting the compressor attempting to raise signal level while the gate attempts to reduce it. The gain reduction is frozen until the gate is opened again, avoiding level jumps.

A front panel multicolored LED bar graph meter displays either peak output level or gain reduction.

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Connector XLR-3F & 1/4″ TRS phone jack each channel
Type Balanced, may be used unbalanced
Input Z 10KΩ nominal
Maximum Input Level (MIL) +24dBu
CMRR >70 dB @ 60 Hz
Nominal Gain 0dB
Operating Level Switched between -10dBV and +4dBu; channels independent
Attack / Release Program dependent, user variable release baseline
Ratio 3:1
Threshold Fixed
Knee Medium Hard
Attack Variable, 4 uSec to 100 mSec
Hold Variable, 5 mSec to 500 mSec
Release Variable, 100 mSec to 1 Sec
Threshold Variable -60 to +20dB
Depth Variable, 0 to 80dB
>Connector Type Send 1/4″ TRS Phone Jack, Balanced
Connector Type Return 1/4″ TRS Phone Jack, Balanced
Nominal Operating Level 0dBu
Point of Insertion Between input stage and gate detector
Freq Response (Flat) 5 Hz to 65kHz ±1dB
Power requirements 90-250 VAC 50-60 Hz 12W
Dimensions 19″W x 1.75″H x 8.25″ D 1 Rack U (482.6mm x 44.5mm x 209.6mm)
Depth Behind Front Panel 7.5″ (190.5mm)
Net Weight 6 lbs (2.73 kg)
Shipping Weight 9 lbs (4.1 kg)

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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