J Pre 500™
  • Jensen input transformer for warm sound character
  • 26dB pad, phase reverse, 75Hz HPF, phantom power
  • 20 segment LED meter
  • Jensen input transformer for crystal clear sound
  • Balanced output with Jensen transformer
  • Mic limiter for input overload protection

The J Pre 500 is inspired by the flagship Aphex 1788A remote control used in studios, on stage, and in broadcast. Both products use the same Jensen JT11K8 nickel input transformer, while the J Pre 500 also features a Jensen JT-11DL nickel output-balancing transformer. The single J PRE 500 provides affordable access to the legendary 1788A sound.

The J Pre 500 features Aphex’s patented Mic Limiter technology that works before the preamp. With the limiter on, it’s nearly impossible to clip the input of the preamp, making the J Pre 500 ideal for“no second chance” recording.

  • Front panel 10Mohm, ¼” input for the connection of instruments like guitar and bass. This input overrides the input on the rear of the receiving frame when connected
  • A 3-way switch allows the selection of +16, +20 or +24dBu output levels
  • The 20-segment input meter allows input levels to be easily seen, even from a distance
  • 65dB of gain to properly operate dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones and a 26dB pad for very loud sources
  • Illuminated buttons control phantom power, phase reverse, 75Hz high pass filter and mic limiter on/off
PAR 500 Series Review
Pro Audio Review "Studio Review," October 2013


Live Performance - The Aphex 1788A is an industry standard mic pre for live performance. It is commonly used for award shows like the Grammys, The Academy Awards and the Country Music Awards. The J Pre 500's preamp is inspired by the 1788A's and includes Aphex’s patented Mic Limiter technology.

Professional Studio Recording - When you plug into the J Pre 500, you’ll instantly think “this is the real deal – this is the sound people think of when they hear professional recordings from a big name studio!” The ¼” input also makes it easy to run instruments through the mic pre without using a direct box.

Voice Over/ADR Recording - The J Pre 500 provides excellent sound for voice. The patented Aphex MicLims also come in handy when screaming or yelling is required in a recording. You’ll capture excellent sound quality without clipping the input of the preamp.

The J Pre 500 is approved by the VPR Alliance.

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Type Jensen JT-11K8-APC transformer, instrumentation second stage
Impedance 700 ohm nominal
Instrument Impedance 10M ohm nominal
CMRR >90dB @ 60Hz
Gain Range +26dB to +65dB (no pad, +24 level)
Pad 26dB
Max Input Level (limiter off) 0dBu (no pad), +26dBu (pad)
Limiter Aphex MicLim
Low Cut 3rd order, -3dB @ 80Hz
Type Transformer balanced, Jensen JT-11-DL
Nominal Level +4dBu
Maximum Level (Meter 0dB) +24/+20/+16 dBu switchable
Impedance 100 ohm nominal
THD <0.003% @ +4dBu out
Frequency Response +0.1/-1.0dB <10Hz to 45kHz
EIN -125dBu @ max gain
Current draw 95mA

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Owner's Manual

J Pre 500 Owner's Manual

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