Audio Xciter
For over 35 years, Aphex has been at the heart of professional audio, recording, broadcast, musical instrument, live and installed sound. It’s a legacy we’re proud of – a legacy we will build upon as we launch new products and technologies like the Audio Xciter™ app.

Audio Xciter: The Better Music Player.

Audio Xciter makes all your music, podcasts and audiobooks sound dramatically better, with richness, clarity and spaciousness that's typically lost in digital files. Listen using three presets: Low, Medium and High, to suit your musical tastes. Or you can upgrade to Audio Xciter™ Studio to create custom presets.

Enjoy a new level of detail in your music – the Audio Xciter digital signal processor brings out the details that get lost in compression.

Customize the sound – Access three professionally tuned presets to adjust the amount of processing to your liking, or upgrade to the Studio version for full control and a truly custom experience.

Additional Features

  • Familiar interface to access your local audio files
  • Instant access to your library – no scanning delays
  • Enhance playback through any audio output
  • Full AirPlay support
  • Audio Xciter™ for iOS (Apple iPhone and iPod Touch)

    Note: This app cannot play DRM encoded audio. This is a limitation imposed by the publisher of the audio file, not by Aphex.

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