Model 1788a
  • Jensen transformer coupled mic pres with with two analog outputs per input
  • Mic-Lim mic limiter protects from input clipping
  • Digital Option includes two (8-channel) AES/EBU outputs (192kHz), two ADAT outputs (SMUX 96kHz), and BNC word clock I/O
  • Works with our 5200 interface for control from Avid and Yamaha digital mixers

Eight Jensen Transformer-Coupled Remote Mic Preamps

The 1788A provides eight balanced Jensen® transformer-coupled microphone inputs with two sets of analog outputs for each channel. The optional digital output module allows simultaneous output of 24-bit AES/EBU and ADAT Optical. Remote control of the 1788A from Avid and Yamaha consoles is possible with the Model 5200 MIDI/RS-422 to LAN Remote Control Interface.

LeNA, the patented digitally controlled Low Noise Amplifier, allows the 1788A’s input gain to be adjusted in ¼dB steps, without noise or glitches.

The Mic-Lim microphone limiter makes the 1788A virtually impervious to input clipping, making the 1788 the perfect front end to any DAW, digital recorder, or digital console.

By placing the 1788A close to the microphones and controlling it remotely, long mic level runs and the associated noise are eliminated. By providing up to five outputs (with the 1788A-1 Digital Option), that are usable simultaneously, the need for splitter boxes is essentially eliminated.

With a PC or Mac running the 1788SW controller software (Win 95/98/2000/XP® or Mac OS X® compatible), a screen which displays all parameters and metering of one unit at a time and up to 16 units may be called up. This screen displays all channel status information and metering in real time; this info can be selected and modified. Up to 20 scenes can be saved, modified, and recalled in the control software. The software also contains a "learn" function in which the channel(s) adjust the preamp gain to a definable peak value based on the input level during the "learn" time.

Digital Option – In addition to the analog outputs, the Model 1788A can have a 1788A-1 Digital Option installed with three digital outputs. Digital outputs appear on one DB15 connector and four BNC connectors for AES/EBU along with an optical output for the ADAT format. The analog to digital converters are 24 bit with selectable sampling rates; these sampling rates can be generated from an internal clock or an external source. The Model 1788 employs a drift stabilized A/D converter circuit which eliminates DC without incorporating a digital high pass filter. There is Word Clock input and output on BNC connectors.

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Rated at nominal gain (11.78dB)
Frequency Response 10Hz – 38 kHz (± 0.5dB)
Hum and Noise -125 dBu EIN
THD + N .003% @ +4dBu out
Connector XLR-3F
Type Jensen® Transformer coupled
Impedance Balanced, 1.6k ohms
Maximum Input Level +27 dBu (with 26dB pad engaged)
CMRR better than -99dB @ 60 Hz, -72 dB @10kHz
Phantom Power 48 VDC on pins 2 and 3
Connector Main: (8) x XLR-3M; Aux: DB-25 (Tascam)
Type Main: Servo Balanced; Aux: Balanced
Impedance Balanced , 65 ohms
Maximum Output Level +27dBu
Test Tone 700 Hz 0dBfs, -20dBfs
Headphones 8-600 ohms recommended load impedance, mono or stereo
Connector AES/EBU: DB-15 Male
T/DIF: DB-25
Type Drift Stabilized 24 bit
Impedance 75 ohms (AES/EBU)
Clock 44.1, 48, or 96kHz Internal or External
Clock Connector BNC
1788SW Software (W95/98/2000) Full remote control functions, Full metering and preamp status, Select one of 16 units, Create, Save, Edit, Recall up to 60 presets, Assignable up to 20 scenes
MIDI Controller MIDI command protocol for full remote control, metering, and status
Remote to 1788 RS232, RS422, MIDI
Unit to unit linking RS422 – up to 16 units can be controlled from one interface (128 channels)
Remote Functions Input Gain, Main Out Gain, Aux Out Gain, Polarity, Mute, Low Cut Filter, Mute, Pad, Phantom Power, Sample Clock, Test Tone, Group Assign, Snapshot, Recall Presets
Power requirements 90-260 VAC 50-60 Hz 60 W
Dimensions 19″W x 3.5″H x 13.58″ D2 Rack U (482.6mm x 88.9mm x 345mm)
Net Weight 17 lbs (7.7 kg)

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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