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Put The Power Of Aphex Into Your Products

Leading commercial and consumer manufactures can now integrate Aphex's proven professional technologies into their products through the new Aphex Licensing Program. Previously reserved only for major recording studios, live concerts, world class musicians and recording engineers, Aphex now offers its patented, proprietary technologies for use in a wide range of applications from music, communications, gaming, TV, movies, hearing and more.

Aphex is serious when we state, Aphex. Making Your World Sound Better. Our unique and proven audio enhancement technologies restore life back into recorded music, voice and sound tracks, providing greater dynamic range, detail and spaciousness, as the original recording artists intended in the first place.


Aphex For Gaming And Movies

With Aphex enhancement, video gamers feel like they are in the game with impact so realistic that the sounds leap out of the screen and engulf them. Movie sound tracks receive the same performance benefits – more lifelike music, a wider sound stage, improved speech intelligibility and reduced listening fatigue all while making the viewer experience more exciting and enjoyable.

Originally rented to studios for music production at $30 per minute, Aphex solved audio challenges and helped improve most of the major albums produced over the past 35 years. Today, Aphex technologies can be found in luxury audio products like the $20,000 Ferrari Art.Engine home music system to Dean guitars, Waves DAW Plug-Ins, as well as portable media players, educational sound systems and iPod docks.

Proven Technology. Powerful Performance.

Aphex technologies are proven and have been consistently improved over our 35 years. Our stable of patented technologies have been the favorite of front of house engineers at concerts, recording studio engineers and the broadcast industries for radio and television stations – Aphex is even used at the Grammys to improve their performances and broadcasts.

Now, manufactures have the ability to license our proven technologies and bring a more exciting and realistic listening experience to their customers – all with immediately obvious benefits in performance, as well as a legendary and respected name from the world of professional audio. Aphex can help your customers get more out of their music or movies, headphones, computers, cell phones and portable music players, musical instruments, video games or anywhere people want enhance to their entertainment or communication experience.

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