David Wiener Ventures (DWV) Orchestrates Sale of Soundsphere to MSE Audio

— DWV’s industry expertise leads to successful sale of historic speaker manufacturer —

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH ~ December 30, 20134

The Mergers & Acquisitions arm of David Wiener Ventures (DWV) has helped broker a successful acquisition in the audio industry: after more than 25 years as a leader in omni-directional speakers for commercial installation applications, Stratford, Connecticut-based industry innovator Soundsphere has been acquired by MSE Audio of Kansas City. MSE, known for its wide variety of commercial and consumer-based audio brands, led by speaker giant SoundTube Entertainment, has acquired Soundsphere in an all-cash transaction. David Wiener Ventures was chosen to orchestrate the acquisition, based on DWV Chairman David Wiener’s business acumen and extensive knowledge of the audio industry.

In describing the acquisition, David Wiener stated, “The integration of Soundsphere into MSE’s existing infrastructure will provide even greater sales and marketing opportunities along with immediate benefits for distribution, delivery and support. This is a true win-win for both parties, and the result will be a more powerful position and future for parent company MSE and the Soundsphere brand. DWV is proud of our two deals for MSE in the past six months.”

David Wiener – known for driving multiple businesses in the audio and music world, including founding SoundTube Entertainment, partnering with Ferrari of Italy on a line of Ferrari-branded high-end audio products, and creating DWV Entertainment, which owns pro audio brand Aphex – has created the Mergers & Acquisitions arm of DWV to assist companies with sales and acquisitions. The DWV organization’s 30 years of product and technology development, engineering, design, manufacturing and marketing give it unique capabilities to assist and drive deals in ways that typical M&A consultants cannot. Real-world experience and a wide variety of business ventures, spanning audio, automotive, aircraft, fashion, furnishings and digital technologies, allow DWV to ask the right questions and specify operational, marketing, positioning and production improvements, giving buyers greater value as they consider and execute acquisitions. At the same time, DWV provides sellers with true understanding of their needs and desires, given DWV’s experience devel oping, selling and acquiring its own brands.

“David Wiener did an amazing job, managing the entire process for both our company and MSE,” stated Soundsphere General Manager Pete Hamilton.“ From early stage due diligence, planning and negotiations, to bringing both parties together in a positive and productive way, all at the speed of sound, what David and DWV did was truly impressive. No wonder Ferrari wanted to work with them!”

MSE CEO Chris Combest stated, “David has helped us grow our business in a variety of ways, most recently with two successful acquisitions. I am very pleased with the management and coordination DWV provides, not to mention the added value that makes these deals work.”

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About David Wiener Ventures
David Wiener Ventures is a leader in product and brand design and technology innovation, much of it in recent years focused on audio and music. DWV has given rise to numerous brands including SoundTube, DW Collection and DWV Entertainment, which owns Aphex pro audio. DWV and David Wiener have received worldwide acclaim for an uncompromising approach to product engineering, performance and style. This has resulted in visually stunning, high performance products, including the exclusive Ferrari Art.Engine, a line of Ferrari-branded high-end audio products.

The driving force behind DWV is David Wiener, whose talents and passions have led him to be a pioneer in several disciplines, including consumer and commercial audio, aircraft design, vehicles design, sports fashion, mergers & acquisitions and more. Profiled in international magazines, newspapers, design books and television shows, including a PBS documentary about his work with high-performance vehicles, David Wiener has a rich background in engineering, finance, management, art and aerodynamics. He holds over a dozen patents and is the recipient of several international design, entrepreneurship and business-growth awards.

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