Producer Stephen Hart Brings Aphex to The Site

Marin County, CA, October 2010…Award-winning producer/engineer Stephen Hart has added an Aphex Model 188 eight-channel mic pre to his room at the iconic “The Site ” Recording.

Hart, whose credits include recordings by artists ranging from Oscar Peterson, the Neville Brothers and Dave Brubeck to David Bowie, En Vogue and the White Stripes, is a longtime Bay Area producer who has also headed up the San Francisco chapter of the Recording Academy (Grammys), and is now a National Trustee. Previously he was chief engineer and lead mixer at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley and Director of Recording Services at Bay Area Sound Studios. The Site Recording boasts two control rooms, one with a vintage 72 input Neve 8078 with Ocean Way monitors, as well as an all digital mix and tracking room utilizing FOCAL monitors.

“The Aphex 188 has proven to be far more than I expected for a product at this price point,” says Hart. “I’ve used it on a wide range of source material, from drums and percussion to acoustic and electric guitar, strings, bass and vocals with mics ranging from AKG C12s and Coles ribbons to SM57s. In every case it’s given me clear, well-defined and uncolored sound with plenty of gain and headroom.”

Hart is also a fan of the 188′s remote capability. “I’m able to change levels, phase reverse and attenuate via computer without having to leave my listening position,” he says. “And when I do change levels while rolling, I get none of the annoying artifacts I’ve heard on other digitally remote controlled preamps. The software runs side by side with my DAW with no issues. I’ve only had the 188 for a month now, but it’s already become one of my main go-to front end boxes.”

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