Maingear Licenses Aphex Technology

Sun Valley, CA – July 2011…Aphex, a leading provider of professional audio enhancement technologies, has licensed award-winning custom PC builders Maingear to offer an exclusive audio enhancement aimed at game enthusiasts, creative professionals, DJs and musicians. Aphex’s legendary audio processing technology has been integrated into a custom designed Maingear PC solution designed to generate audio output and microphone input unmatched by any other computer system available. This unique technology harmonically brings audio to life without adding gain to deliver sound that’s more balanced, more articulated, and simply put, better sounding.

“Aphex is proud to have Maingear as one of its newest licensees,” says David Wiener, CEO and Chairman of Aphex. “The Aphex Engineâ„¢ technologies in Maingear’s high performance computers have raised the bar on computer audio in a way never before experienced by gamers, music and movie lovers.”

Unlike typical EQ, the Aphex Engineâ„¢ works in real-time, restoring and enhancing music, voice and effects individually, regardless of music genre or speaker/headphone solution. The licensed Aphex circuitry allows industry standard Intel HD audio connectivity to work with any motherboard or discrete audio solution.

This innovative new computer design was previewed in June 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Association show in New York City and is scheduled to be released in July 2011.

“Desktop PC audio has never sounded better with our exclusive new audio processor powered by Aphex,” says Maingear Founder and CEO Wallace Santos. Gamers and audiophiles alike will be able to unleash the potential of their headphones in a truly stunning way.