Aphex and MIRA release

Aphex Announces Partnership with St. Petersburg College’s
Music Industry/Recording Arts Program

Legendary audio company teaches and collaborates with next generation of sound pros

Burbank, CA—February 2012—Aphex is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with St. Petersburg College’s Music Industry/Recording Arts Program (MIRA).  The partnership, a first for both parties, will greatly broaden and enhance MIRA’s curriculum while putting a brand steeped in music in front of some of the most talented sound engineers and producers of tomorrow.  The alliance also sets a new standard for how industry professionals, with a wide range of real-world experience, can teach, contribute, learn from, and forge valuable relationships with future industry leaders.

Aphex’s role at MIRA is entirely unique and extends well beyond the sponsorship or donor model typically seen at learning institutions.  Aphex is not only outfitting MIRA’s recording studios and 700 seat Palladium Theater with its legendary audio products, it’s also serving as a sort of adjunct faculty member.  In addition to training and certifying MIRA’s 400+ students on how to use Aphex’s products in a professional setting, Aphex will host a series of clinics and workshops with artists, leading engineers, and other manufacturers.

“Using both MIRA classroom settings as well as the beautiful Palladium Theater in St. Pete for practical applications of engineering techniques, we aim to create unique and exciting real-world lessons for these passionate students of music and recording,” said Aphex CEO, David Wiener.

“It was important to us to understand and be immersed in MIRA’s curriculum,” said Aphex COO, Robin Sibucao.  “We know that if we can impact the students in a more profound way, it will benefit them and us for years to come.”  To this end, Aphex is tapping into all of its resources, bringing in its own Aphex Artists and Ambassadors—Alan Parsons, Elan Morrison and Steve Luongo, to name a few—as well as other innovative brands like Dean Guitars to lead student workshops.

Mark Matthews, lead instructor at MIRA, added, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Aphex.  The company’s philosophy is perfectly aligned with our commitment to helping future sound professionals develop ‘real world’ skills in a collaborative environment.  I know Aphex will benefit equally from working side by side with a younger generation of sound pros.”

About APHEX:
Founded in 1975, APHEX is an innovator of audio enhancement technology, and a leading manufacturer of high-quality dynamics and signal processing products for the professional audio, broadcast, fixed installation, M.I., touring-sound and home-recording markets.  Aphex’s proprietary audio enhancement technology has transformed the sound systems and acoustics at thousands of venues across the country, from NFL stadiums to the Library of Congress.  Aphex is a go-to product for major live broadcast events where sound control is crucial–the Oscars, Grammy’s, and CMA’s, to name a few. Artists such as Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, and KISS have used Aphex in the recording studio and/or on tour.  APHEX sells its products and licenses its technologies worldwide.  APHEX is a DWV Entertainment company.