Steve Luongo

The Drummer. The Composer. The Producer.

For over 40 years, Steve Luongo has been at the heart of many classic rock ‘n’ roll moments. One of rock and roll’s most enthusiastic and sought-after drummers, Steve’s career has seen him playing with the best. The Who’s John Entwistle, Cream’s Jack Bruce, AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, Mountain’s Leslie West, Todd Rundgren and more. After making a name for himself on stage, Steve took his talents and technical knowledge into the studio producing a wide range of artists, working with tomorrow’s young talent and continuing to collaborate with music legends. Always looking to give back to the community that has given him so much, Steve is the Executive Director of the John Entwistle Foundation, carrying on the work, music and legacy of The Ox. And carrying on his love of Aphex.

Since their introduction in 1975, I’ve found Aphex products to be indispensable in my work as a musician and music producer. I’m always happy to see Aphex gear in the outboard rack. Aphex has proven over time to enhance the sound of everything from vocals and guitar to bass and drums. We recently included the “Big Bottom” circuit in the John Entwistle line of basses produced by Dean Guitars. Simply put, Aphex has a place in every area of sound, from pro applications to consumer home studios. I’ve been using Aphex’s Aural Exciter and Big Bottom circuits for years and this new Exciter makes everything we’re doing even better. – S.L.