Matti Amendola

Matty Amendola

Musician/Producer/Songwriter/Entrepeneur. What Else?

Now here’s an artist who’s earned the right to have all those slashes in his title. Matty Amendola, a Brooklyn-based musician/producer/songwriter/entrepreneur, began playing the drums at age 13 and apparently has never looked back.

“Talented, versatile and uniquely-determined” only begins to describe the man. Amendola’s recorded on a countless number of albums, released two of his own, and has produced and wrote songs for a whole lot more. In 2008 he started the independent record label/studio/one-stop-shop (more slashes!) called 825 Records, which has released a wide variety of albums and worked for a variety of clients. Matty has also landed worldwide broadcast licensing placements, has developed dozens of independent artists, and recorded and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music, including Adam Levine (Maroon 5), Ty Taylor of Vintage Trouble, and more.

Most recently Matty’s been using our new USB 500 Rack, a 4-unit 500 Series rack AND computer recording interface in one.

“The fact that I can grab one box that’s also a recording interface is golden,” says Matty of the Aphex USB 500 Rack. Loaded with Aphex Dual RPA 500 mic pres, EQF 500 equalizer and Comp 500 compressor, he says his Rack is “the only front end you’ll need in your home studio. It’s slick and compact enough to use it on-the-go, and has enough sonic character to bring into the ‘A-room.’”

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