Apolo Ohno

Apolo Ohno

Fueled By Performance. And Performing.

Apolo Ohno has built his career and fame on performance and style. As the winningest athlete in Winter Olympics history, Apolo has combined extraordinary commitment to performance with a unique and elegant style that makes him a true champion, on and off the ice.

Apolo’s class and grace under pressure come through in his racing and in his public persona. Winning Eight Olympic medals, three World Cups, 12 U.S. Championships and Dancing With The Stars is only the start for Apolo! Having joined DWV prior to the 2010 Olympics, Apolo shows his brand of commitment every time he’s asked about DWV and Aphex products and technology. Pure GOLD for DWV Entertainment.

As Apolo’s association with DWV and Aphex has evolved, his understanding of the benefits of enhanced audio performance has grown and he now offers ideas and guidance as many DWV initiatives are aimed at the consumer market. As DWV Chairman David Wiener has said, “It’s amazing to watch Apolo whenever someone is nearby; he just exudes passion and knowledge about our products and he loves to share it – it’s natural and real!” Apolo’s total commitment to performance and his love of music and design make him a perfect fit with DWV. He’s an enthusiastic user of our products and is dedicated to the same values – precision, performance, craftsmanship, style – that we aspire to in everything we create.

I’m a huge music lover! I’m also involved in TV, radio and voice recordings and broadcasts on a weekly basis. Throughout, I’ve come to appreciate the extraordinary performance advantages that Aphex technologies bring to recordings, broadcasts, concerts and my personal listening. Put it this way: Aphex makes everything I listen to, and work with, better! – A.O.