Alan Parsons

Innovative Artist. Legendary Engineer.

How do you top career-defining moments like working with The Beatles to create one of the most extraordinary and best-selling albums on the planet? You engineer an album that inspires generations of music lovers – Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon. Top that with a series of hits with your own band and you could feel fine about resting on your laurels. Not Alan Parsons! This is a man dedicated to the constant advancement of music, recording methods and sound technology. In fact, he’s created a documentary 3-DVD series: The Art & Science Of Sound Recording – an in-depth educational journey into the engineering and production techniques required to produce multi-platinum recordings. It’s this combination of musical and technical acuity, along with his creative flair that makes Alan a perfect complement to the Aphex and DWV team as we develop new products and technologies.

“My career has always been reinforced by technical innovation and a critical knowledge of available technology. Aphex has been in my rack for decades. Their equipment is absolutely top of class and their commitment to innovation and performance is the reason I’m part of DWV’s Advisory Board.” – A.P.

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