About Aphex

35 Years of Making Magic

For over 35 years, Aphex has been at the heart of professional audio, recording, broadcast, M.I., live and installed sound. It’s a legacy we’re proud of, a legacy we will build upon as we launch new products and technologies and expand into new market segments.

Everything we do is driven by our passion to create the highest quality music and vocal performances and help artists, engineers and all our Aphex friends get the most out of every audio application and experience. Whether you’re performing, recording, broadcasting or using sound for communications and safety applications, Aphex is committed to providing the cleanest, clearest and most effective signal and dynamics processing technologies available. That’s what sets Aphex apart – no hype, just dedicated, talented engineers and designers steeped in the world of music, voice and audio.

Aphex Is Still The Choice Of Professionals Worldwide

Innovation and performance are the key directives at Aphex today. Every product, program and support effort has a singular goal: to provide the best performance and customer satisfaction. The proof of this can be seen in all the new operational improvements, product development programs and customer awareness initiatives taking place at Aphex – not to mention our great and growing Aphex team. We’ve even created a new program aimed at supporting the arts and music community.

Bringing Aphex To New Places

Aphex’s industry-standard Aural Exciter®, Big Bottom® and Compeller® technologies have been the basis for Aphex’s pro and M.I. products. As Aphex moves forward, this line of products will grow with new and exciting offerings for our core users – professionals and hobbyists alike. At the same time, Aphex is creating exciting opportunities for people to experience Aphex technologies in new ways. Our technology-licensing program has already created a buzz in the music world, as Dean Guitars has launched the first-ever line of musical instruments with Aphex circuitry built-in. Soon Aphex-enhanced products for music, voice, entertainment, communications and professional applications will be available from a variety of well-respected manufacturers.

A DWV Entertainment Company

Aphex is a wholly owned subsidiary of DWV Entertainment, a spin-off of David Wiener Ventures. DWV Entertainment’s Aphex and DW Collection brands exhibit the total commitment to performance, quality and style that have been the hallmark of all DWV companies.

The Aphex Management Team

Aphex is managed by two industry pros, CEO David Wiener, and GM Jim Bailey. This powerful team has a combined 40+ years in the pro, commercial and consumer audio industry with records of success at SoundTube, TASCAM, Avid and more.

About David Wiener – CEO of Aphex & DWV Entertainment

Music lover and audio industry innovator, David Wiener, learned about music going to the Fillmore East and playing guitar in a variety of rock bands. While only 12, hanging out in Greenwich Village on weekends, David became a regular friend of Dan Armstrong at Dan’s West Broadway shop and got invited to jam upstairs at John Cale’s loft.

Mixing design and engineering with innovation, David formed David Wiener Ventures after college and went on to build a career of creating extraordinary products, vehicles and fashion. Along the way, the music never stopped pounding and eventually was the inspiration for his founding SoundTube Entertainment and later, The DW Collection, partnering with FERRARI to create a variety of iconic audio systems. With a long list of audio patents, design awards and media features, David has proven himself to be a visionary in the world of commercial and consumer audio.

About Jim Bailey – General Manager, Aphex

After many years as a successful engineer, producer and studio operator in Los Angeles, riding the transition from analog to digital, Jim ultimately came into pro audio manufacturing to put that experience into new products. His motto of “get the sound that’s in the artist’s head” has resulted in numerous award-winning products. Prior to joining Aphex as Director of Product Development, Jim held product management positions at TASCAM and Avid, where he acted as the glue between the customer, the sales force, the marketing team and engineering. As General Manager of Aphex, that glue is stronger than ever.

About Michael Hurwitz – Director of Sales, Aphex

Michael is a lifetime veteran of the music industry. He began playing drums and guitar at 8 years old and continues today. His experience includes many years as a performer, composer, educator, recording engineer and producer, as well as a sales and technical professional within the industry. As the Principal of the SF Bay Area rep firm, Sirius Sales and Marketing, and his years as Director of Sales and Artist Relations at Earthworks Microphones, his vast experience gives him a very well rounded perspective for his current position at Aphex as Director of Sales.

About Rob Barrett – Dir. of Digital Business Development, Aphex

Rob Barrett's professional music career started when, as a sax player, he played with none other than Miles Davis. After a musical transformation, he went on to record and perform in a variety of punk bands, selling more than 100,000 albums on his own. A second career as an advanced software developer gave Rob insight into the world of digital music technology, which led to his involvement with Aphex, allowing him to fuse his passions for music production and programming. As Director of Digital Business Development for Aphex, Rob drives licensing and custom app business for audio, entertainment and military applications.

About DWV Entertainment

DWV Entertainment was spun out of renowned design and innovation studio, David Wiener Ventures, to focus on the audio and entertainment world, and leverage the talents and teamwork of David Wiener. After David sold SoundTube Entertainment he founded DWV Entertainment and subsequently partnered with FERRARI to launch their mega-brand into the home entertainment world with the DW Collection. DWV Entertainment’s ownership and injection of talent and management into Aphex has created a launch pad for many new music and audio innovations, one of which is a new line to be launched in Q2-2011.

For further technical information, please visit www.DWVentertainment.com and www.DWcollection.com.

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